Live pedal board

In order of my pedal chain:

JHS Little Black Buffer: Neat little black box made by JHS pedals. This pedal basically just makes my tone a bit clearer. When you have a lot of pedals in your chain, signal can be lost through all those feet of cabling. Not totally sure how it works, but I think it basically just speeds up my signal, and makes me sound better. For me the difference of having it on or off isn’t huge, but enough for me to keep it in my live pedal board. It stays on all the time.

Timon Klein Looper: This is an 8-channel true bypass switcher. It makes it easy for me to switch between pedals, cuts down on unnecessary noise/signal chain length, and if a cable shorts or a pedal goes out during a set, I can just turn it’s switch off without having to reroute any patch cables. I operate about half my board from this 8-channel control bank. It definitely makes my life easier. One of the lead guitar players from Hillsong United, Timon Klein of, makes them. He also makes really great custom road cases and pedal boards that we use.

Keeley Compressor (2 knob): I like this compressor a lot. I’ll use it with the level knob at about 2 or 3 o’clock and the sustain mostly down or maybe sometimes turned up to about 8 or 9 o’clock. Passed that if you have overdrives on, the pedal can dirty up your signal in a bad way. I use this when I play slide or often when picking cleaner single note stuff, mostly with single coil guitars or my duo jet. Great for extra sustain and a slight boost. I almost never use it when strumming.

Zvex Fuzz Factory: The only time I use it in Jesus Culture songs is in the second half of the “Dance with Me” solo. Pretty gnarly fuzz pedal, hard to control but sounds pretty cool when you dial it in, if you use it sparingly.

Little Green Wonder by Mad Professor: I love this pedal. They are handmade in Finland and from what I’ve heard their other pedals are awesome too. This one is a super nice warm overdrive with great eq. It doesn’t get too bright, but I love its tone. I never have two overdrives on at once, but this pedal is on probably about 60 percent of a set that I’ll play.

Keeley Moded Rat: I like this pedal a lot. I use it for solos/parts during big sections where I need to get out in front of the smashing band. You don’t need to dial the overdrive knob up very far before it starts getting too dirty. Passed 11 o‘clock you start sounding like you’re in a metal band.. so I keep it at about 9 or 10. Really bright eq too, so nice for really getting out there in big sections. It’s on maybe 10% of a set. I recommend buying it here and then sending it in to and paying them to mod it. It will come back to you with a LED light in it, and a much nicer EQ and over all sound.

Keeley overdrive: Very cool overdrive. It’s a bit beefier than the Little Green Wonder, and has a lot of high end. Very bright, and has a nice breakup. I use it a lot for lead lines where I need to jump out in the mix, but don’t want to be as broken up as I am when I use the Rat. I also use it often when playing slide or mellow parts where I need more sustain and grit. Cool pedal. Probably on maybe 20% of a live set. Goes great with Gretsch guitars.

Cusack Tap-a-Whirl: This is a great tremolo pedal. Hand made, analog, and great tone. It has a few different tremolo settings and a tap tempo, which makes it convenient for live playing.

Micro Pog by Electroharmonix: Awesome octave pedal. Adds a high octave or low octave to the notes being played, and has a blend knob for the high, low, and wet/dry knob. Can be overused quickly, but I used it a few times on the “Come Away” album (“Freedom Reigns” and bridge of “Rooftops”)

Ernie Ball Jr Volume Pedal.

Tuner: Boss TU2. I still like this pedal the best out of most that are on the market.

Strymon Timeline: I’ve used a lot of digital delay pedals, and really like a lot of them. This one seems to do everything that the Eventide TimeFactor did for me, and more. I like this pedal mostly because of the way the Banks and Presets are laid out. Makes it great for playing a live set. Also has some really unique sounds on it.

Memory Man by Electroharmonix. I have an older 1980′s memory man. It’s a bit hissy, but has great tone. I use it a lot for swells and atmospheric stuff as well as using it to beef up my tone. It has a great pre amp in it and sounds really warm and cool. You can hear it especially on the Jesus Culture album Come Away on the song “come away” and “i want to know you.”

Strymon Blue Sky Reverb: Not my main verb, but this is a nice reverb that I alternate with the Boss Rv-5.

Boss Rv-5 Reverb. Popular and cool sounding reverb. I’ve used it for a long time and keep it on its modulation setting all the time.

RC Booster by Exotic Effects. Real nice clean boost at the end of my chain. I like this clean boost because it has good eq on it. Adds a tiny bit of grit, but mostly just a nice high end to my tone. I keep this pedal on all the time.

Teletronix talent boost (not on pedal board): This is a nice clean boost pedal that’s similar to the Zvex super hard on. Very nice sounding pedal if you’re looking for just a slight tone boost without very much extra gain. Really just adds a nice fullness to my tone.

The GiG RiG. This is my pedal power supply system. It totally rules. Works all over the world, powers all my pedals, runs off of only one IEC power chord, and has cut to length cables for each of my pedals so it all ends up looking real tidy and nice. I also have their 12v and 15v adapters/converter guys that power my weird voltage pedals too.. and those just connect to the regular 9v ends. This power supply system changed my world. I love it.


Gretsch Duo Jet: Has been my main go to guitar for since January of 2010. Really smooth sound that would be great for rhythm or leads. I have the Filter’Tron pickups in mine. Mine is about ten years old, and is a discontinued model that has a bigger headstock than most duo jets.

Gretsch White Falcon: The white falcon has a very unique sound. It’s the guitar that I played on nearly all of Jesus Culture’s Consumed record, and on “I want to know you” of the Come Away album. Has a really wide-open, and almost woody sound to it. I don’t own one, but tend to borrow one from our producer fairly often.

’05 Fender Telecaster American Standard: Not a reissue or a special series, just a classic American Standard Tele. I love this guitar. Maybe my favorite guitar as far as playability and tone. I love the single coil sound, and it seems like this guitar fits in almost any situation that i’m in. I’ve never changed the pickups or done mod’s to it besides shielding the inside of the guitar (underneath the pickguard) with copper foil to greatly reduce that classic tele “buzz”. I especially like it for tight lead parts or chimey rhythm parts in studio and live, and it also sounds great when played with a glass slide. Mine is a vintage white color, with a few big dents on it due to those airline guys… but still plays great.

’91 Gibson SG Celebrity. The first guitar I ever bought. Has a tuxedo look to it with white pick guard and gold hardware. There were only about 100 of them made in 1991. It has that classic SG sound, really tight and really gritty and growly. This definitely has been the perfect guitar for a lot of situations on records (“dance with me” on Consumed and “i exalt thee” on your love never fails). It’s mostly a studio guitar now.

’98 Fender Strat American: I’m definitely not the most comfortable on a Strat, but I do really like this guitar and play it live every once in a while, at home, or sometimes use it for tracking in studio. I got this guitar in the spring of 2010. Definitely not my go to guitar, but Strat’s are undeniably cool, and I like that this one is pretty worn out and has great feel. Mine is black with a white pick guard and a maple neck.

Collings 00 Mohagony: My studio acoustic guitar. This acoustic is just twelve frets, and kind of small with an antique look. This is maybe my favorite acoustic I’ve ever heard or played. Has great projection and dynamic range, and is very full sounding.


’93 Vox AC30 6TB: This was the first amp I bought, and I love it. It is UK Made, and has Celestion Vintage 30′s in it, and is my favorite Vox I’ve ever played. The Top Boost reissue’s of the 90′s have a great sound and though I burn through tubes about every 8 months, it really deliver’s a awesome sound with pretty good headroom and that classic AC30 breakup. I usually have it turned up to about 11 o clock, and always go through the Brilliant channel. This is a discontinued amp, but can be found on Ebay sometimes.

If you buy new from Vox, I definitely recommend staying far away from their Custom Classic line, as I’ve found them to be very cheap sounding and hard to play dynamically. However, I’ve had really good experiences with the Heritage Hand Wired line. This is the only new amp I recommend from Vox. I’ve played the Heritage AC30 a lot in studio and it sounds great… very similar to mine. Chris played the Heritage AC30 for the recording of Come Away.

Matchless DC30: This amp is amazing with my Tele. I think Matchless was pretty much made to go well with Tele’s. I get amazing breakup from this amp with single coil guitars, and it has a really nice full and natural sound to it. Really great low and top end, and is louder than I’ll ever need it to be. Definitely one of my favorite Amps for single coil guitars I’ve ever played. The one I play has the head separated from the cab, and has a Celestion green back and a Celestion vintage 30 in it.

Jackson Ampworks Britain 3.0: My newest amp. This amp is definitely my new go to amp. It has a lot of versatility, tons of headroom on the 50 watt setting, or breaks up really, really nicely and fairly quick on the 15 watt setting. I love the full range of the amp.. definitely my favorite amp I’ve played. If you’ve never heard one, its high end is similar to that of a TOP HAT amp, but has a lot of characteristics of a vintage AC30. It’s also very unique sounding too. Definitely well suited for all the guitars that I play. You can here demo’s of the Britain on their website. Mine is a sand color with a 2×12 cab with Celestion green backs.

Tioga Ezekiel: This is my newest amp. It’s a small Oregon based company that makes good boutique tube amps. This amp has a lot of nice clean headroom, and goes great when played stereo with the Vox or Britain. This is my little practice amp, and goes with me around town to smaller events and practices in Redding.


I use all D’Addario strings for electric and acoustic. I use XL Nickel round wound either .10′s or .11′s, depending on the guitar. I use medium gauged phosphor bronze wound acoustic strings.


I use Planet Waves cables from my guitar to my pedal board and my pedal board to my amp. On my pedal board I use George L custom made cables. I use Planet Waves black ice heavy picks.

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